"These earnings are substantially beyond what we had planned or hoped for, and we have not looked back since. I would like to take his time to thank you for having started us off in a very lucrative business." -B. B.

"Although it is less than one year since I started my own Debt Mediation business, after having been trained by Valcor, I have already earned almost US$100,000 in fees. It is very satisfying while being "The Good Guy" to know that I can produce a progressive six figure income." -Kent L. 

"With a good background in business generally, I wanted to get into a service business that was right for the times. With the Valcor system I have acquired very special tools to run my own debt restructuring business, and I must say the detailed training materials were very professionally prepared and the training seminar expertly delivered." -Herb E. 


Since 1994, VALCOR is a worldwide leader in Business Restructuring & Capital Acquisition

With over 50 years combined experience and a network of certified Licensees throughout North America, VALCOR has saved countless small businesses from the threats of litigation, bankruptcy and the closure of a business. 

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Earn an Executive Level Income and Save Small Businesses

Work from home, while capitalizing on the challenging economy

 Become a Business Debt Restructuring and Capital Acquisition Consultant

The VALCOR Licensee Program

Valcor's time proven systems saves businesses.  Learn how you can partner with Valcor as a certified Consultant and help local companys survive this economy. 

Your own Prestigious Financial Services Business

  • No Franchise-Fees or Royalties
  • 7 Day Start Up Plan
  • Six figure income potential
  • Help others while creating your own success

In-Person Training

Comprensive and proven tuition provided by Senior VALCOR Executives.  

Ongoing Support & Revenue Sharing

Post-training guidance and 'hand holding" on your cases. Substantial fee potential caseloads handled by Valcor Executives.

Continue to 'earn while you learn'.

Sources of Local Clients

Initial source of local clients and access to categorized lending sources.



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